Thursday, 3 July 2014

Ways to make your home Eco-friendly!

Whenever we try to customize our personal space, we think of getting the fanciest furniture, which probably cost a lot and also not very Eco-friendly. But, there are many innovative ways to create your space into a more Eco-friendly space. These days many furniture items are made of bamboo, which is more eco-friendly. But do you know why? It is because bamboo trees mature faster as compared to hard wood trees. A normal tree would take 30-40 years to mature, where as a bamboo tree matures in 3-5 years.

These are some of the bamboo furniture that you can use!

There are many other innovative ideas to decorate and customize your house and make it greener. “Moss carpet” is one of the most innovative techniques to make the bathroom more green and eco-friendly. It’s perfect because moss grows in humid temperature, which makes a bathroom the best place for it to grow!

Another way to Eco-friendly it all up is to get some re-cycled furniture or decorative. It is very much in trend these days and looks very unique too. Plus, you save a lot of new trees to be cut down. Here are some amazing furniture and decorative items you can check out.

This room is full of re-cycled furniture and decorating items like the wall hanging is made of old bed sheets and the drawers is an old and re-done, colored again. This way you can save the nature as well as be innovative and unique!

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