Friday, 31 July 2015

Why Landscape Designers Will Be Key to the Future of Our Cities

For most people, spending time outdoors in well-designed public spaces is one of the 

highlights to city life. Why, then, do we spend comparatively little time and money 

on designing them? In this article, originally posted on Metropolis magazine as 

"Designing Outdoor Public Spaces is Vital to the Future of our Cities" Kirt Martin, 

the vice-president of design and marketing at outdoor furniture designer Landscape 

Forms, makes the case that landscape architects and industrial designers working in 

the public realm are key for our cities' health and happiness.

All of us treasure our time in outdoor spaces. So why do we devote so little of our 

attention to their design?

As a designer in the site-furniture industry, I am always curious about the value 

people place on the outdoors. I like to ask people I meet to describe a great city 

like New York, Chicago, or Paris and what they most remember about being there. Or I 

ask them, if they won $25,000 to spend on a dream vacation, where they would go and 

what they would do. Their fond memories of a celebrated city or an escape into the 

wild often have little in common, except for one thing: Their most memorable and 

meaningful experiences almost always revolve around the outdoors.


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