Sunday, 31 August 2014

1 BHK Studio Apartments in Greater Noida

studio apartments in greater noida

Greater Noida is transpiring as a new destination for real estate for Delhi NCR. Builders are emerging with brand new ideas of affordable luxury. Many innovative infrastructures are shaping up with the strong base of construction.

The taste of today’s generation is changing a lot, and real estate developers are trying to innovate their residential projects. People are demanding luxury, but the prices are not convenient for everyone’s pocket. Hence, the concept of studio apartment grabs the attention of buyers.

Studio apartment is a self-attested flat that offers all the facilities such as dining with kitchen, living room and a bedroom. Studio apartments are available in two types, a self-attested studio flat and a studio flat with separate bedroom. All the apartments are fully furnished and well-equipped. It tenders almost all the amenities such as gym, spa, swimming pool, Children Park, parking space and many more.

residential apartments in greater noida

The apartment offers necessary furniture such as a double bed with mattresses, sofa, designer light fittings, dining table, study table, cupboards, curtains with rods and many more. Today’s lifestyle is absolutely incomplete without lifestyle gadgets and studio apartments are also offering these gadgets such as air conditioner, refrigerator, food processor, LCD, wall clock and more.

Kitchen is the most important part of every house as it offers delicious food for good health. Hence, the builders in Greater Noida are offering a glance of excellence for the equipped kitchen such as burner, juicer, mixer, toaster, crockery, chopping board, etc.

builders in greater noida

Many residential projects are going on in Greater Noida, and builders are providing more and more facilities to attract buyers towards them. It is considered as a today’s hottest deal as prices of property never blows down. Some of the reliable projects are offering assured return on property with compromising down payment. Banks are ready to sponsor in affordable interest rates so, anyone can dream for his/her luxurious own house.


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