Thursday, 28 August 2014

Simple DIY Home Decor Tips

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Buying a new house and moving in is only the first step to realizing your dream of living in your ideal home.  There are scores of ways to decorate and furnish your home.  Some are given below:

v Use interesting shades while choosing the paint meant for your walls and ceilings.  The color of the walls need not necessarily match that of your upholstery.  For a stylish look, choose a different shade for one wall in your room.
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v The lighting in the rooms can make or break it’s look. Use layered lighting instead of regular lighting to highlight parts of the room. Too many fixtures on the ceiling are not desirable.
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v Wall to wall carpets are pass√©. Spread large rugs on the floor instead and place your furniture on these. Make sure however that the rug doesn’t cover up the entire floor space. There should be adequate floor space around the rugs to create an illusion of space.
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v You need not burn a hole in your pocket when choosing accessories for your home.  Sometimes the unlikeliest of objects can become chic accessories.  Shells or colorful marbles in a bowl, pot-pourris on a tray or peacock feathers placed in a long-necked vase- all these make for brilliantly striking accessories at low costs.

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v Use objects for purposes other than what they are meant for.  For instance, use a small wicker basket as a bathroom accessory, a discarded wine bottle as a flower vase, an ornate glass as a pen/pencil holder and so on. 

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v Do not clutter up your home.  Don’t keep something just because you don’t have the heart to let go of it.  Too many framed photographs, overtly gaudy display items and too much furniture are a strict no-no.

v Make sure the lining of your curtains matches the color of the curtains.  Do not use white lining for every curtain.

v Always use fresh flowers instead of artificial ones.     

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v There is no need for everything to match in a room.  Dramatically contrasting walls and curtains or blinds, striking lampshades and colorful rugs- all go into breaking the monotony of a room and adding character to it.

Finally, it is said that no two people are alike.  Similarly, no two homes ought to look alike.  Do not blindly imitate the style of another’s home or follow tips just because they have been suggested by interior designers.  The most important thing to keep in mind while decorating your home is to keep your own tastes and temperament in mind.  After a hard day’s work, it’s your home that should soothe your nerves and calm your senses.

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